Hi! I’m Lindsay and I know what its like to struggle to meet your cycling goals while juggling life as an adult with pre-existing injuries.  Perhaps you want to bikepack across Europe, cycle across the US, compete in your first race or just get back to riding consistently and as pain free as possible. Maybe you are a parent, maybe you have a busy career, maybe you’ve had some past injuries, or maybe you are struggling with it all.  I UNDERSTAND because I struggle too but have found clever ways to improve my fitness, bike skills, and confidence so I can have fun on my bike. I am a certified BICP Skills Coach and NASM Personal Trainer.

Together we will work to:

- set reasonable goals

- identify and break down barriers to reaching your goals

- assess your current bike handling skills

- evaluate your current nutrition and develop a plan to improve it

- design a training plan specifically for you to increase your endurance, power and skill set on the bike

- help you stay on track through the process

So lets get you back and peak shape and staying there, so you can have all the fun on your bike!